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I am moving back to California after three years of being in Madrid. Did I ever tell you that I have been teaching English conversation here? My students graduated two weeks ago in a "banding" ceremony, very different from an American high school graduation. Here are a few of the nearly 200 seniors I had the priviledge of working with this past year.

So yes, I am moving back to San Diego, CA where my immediate family has resided since I was a 10 year old. Riccardo follows me shortly thereafter and then we will be married, July 24th. I've been trying to be present here, walking around, memorizing streets and faces but the truth of the matter is that I can't remember everything and things do change. And change is a good thing in this case, it signifies growth and forward movement. We've little idea what these next few years hold for us other than learning how to be a married couple for, you see, we've no jobs, no apartment and little idea as to where to begin but we'll figure it out.

But more than trying to freeze memories in my mind so as to never forget, I've been trying to digest all that has occurred these past three years. I have gone from being a single, scared, aupair with few belongings to being an engaged, somewhat fearless, but still wary, teacher with more things than can fit in the one suitcase that internatioal airlines allow you without paying extra. The things that I know are that I love the man I will be marrying, I am excited to be near to my family for some time, that I need to continue my own education and professional growth and that changes are brewing on the horizon.


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