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holy week.


Today is the last full day of class and work before we go on vacation and head into Holy Week, the end of Lent and the initiation of the process of rejection, rebirth and resurrection. Flowers have been blooming in every place and this spring I have made myself get into the habit of watching the trees daily, tracking their growth and watching them sprout new life quite literally overnight. Green has this manner of simply appearing and reminding me of the poem we took out of Jon's memory banks and plastered on the walls of the Vermillion Sea Station down in Baja.

I have wound myself into a mess with a close and dear friend of mine this week and I find myself glad that this trip was planned some time ago, I need fresh air and to not be stuck in my room wondering what's going to happen and how we got here. Tomorrow I will hoof my pack to school with me and meet R afterwards to head to Rome. Rome. The home of so many people, pieces and things that make my head spin. We then head to Basel, Switzerland and Lake Konstanz in Southern Germany to visit friends, make amends and celebrate Easter. The green rebirthing of spring and life.

Have a great weekend.
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