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this morning...

This morning on the metro the man next to me was writing "If you asked me why I was here, I honestly wouldn't know how to respond." He proceeded to make a list of "It could be because"'s and I continued reading "Quarterlife Crisis", a book which we were supposed to have read back in college but did little more than simple purchase. Today I read:

"I think it's crucial to physically write down personal goals and priorities on a regular basis. Maybe it's every six months, maybe it's every five years, but goals change and situations change, so you have to do it continually. And the biggest part of the exercise is not to come up with the list, but to understand why each goal is on the list and why this priority is higher than that one." Said by Doug, a 1996 grad of the University of Iowa.

Sometimes I find it easier to name the things that are NOT goals, are NOT important, than the things that really are. But some of the important things are:

having a pair of shoes
knowing that I am doing the best that I know how to do
knowing a few answers and asking a lot of questions
being creative and creatively stimulated
not littering
loving and being loved by my family
keeping in touch with dear friends
taking time to pause and reflect.
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