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a good book.

And a simple, redemptive read. Because my words are sometimes better spoken by others, here is a review written by the author of from: Regular Rumination, books and more books:

"Enzo is a dog. Enzo is also the narrator of The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. At the end of his life, Enzo decides to contemplate his life from his beginnings as a puppy when his master Denny adopts him to the rest of his time with Denny and the family Denny loves. Enzo is a careful observer, intent on coming back in the next life as a human, he often thinks and acts like a person rather than a dog; however, we never lose sight of the fact that Enzo has a slightly different perspective of the world.

This is a simple but beautiful novel that depicts an unfortunate and upsetting situation through the eyes of an unlikely narrator. There are so many things about this novel that should not work. First, we know just about everything that’s going to happen before it happens. There is little suspense or surprise in this novel, and though I would say most of it is intentional, I also think that way too much was revealed on the front jacket flap. Second, it is narrated by a dog. Third, much of the novel is told through car racing metaphors. For someone who has little interest in car racing or the metaphors that go with it, Enzo and Stein made me care absolutely about Denny and his races, and also gave me a much greater appreciation for the sport of car racing.
Enzo sometimes doesn’t sound very dog-like, but that’s because he’s been so well educated after watching TV all day. And he desperately wants to become a man, so it’s all okay. This novel is heartbreaking in so many ways, but it is also hopeful. I found myself in tears more than once; especially at the end, when I needed several tissues. I think Stein has pulled off something really impressive here and I highly recommend it."
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