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all i want is to be honest.

I am listening to a song that was gifted to a friend of mine and then re-gifted to me right before college graduation. Stations, by Denison Witmer, " Stations make me think of my own travels, all the people and places I've been through, when you find out they're the same things as the people and the places where you grew.

My backpack looked to be finished when it realized that I had not given it any underwear to eat...silly, hungry backpack. Tomorrow it will load itself upon my back and we will head off for 11 days through Amsterdam, Ghent, Brussels, Paris, Montpellier and all of the train rides that lie in between. This traveling alone is strange business and I have that odd feeling again, that feeling that I am doing something that I should and that I want to but more for the fact that it is good for me than because I need it. Or perhaps it is the other way around. I closed my eyes on the Metro and just holed up for a few minutes, that helped.

Will report back, wiser and wearier, having made new friends and met up with old ones, better for having wept in front of so many works of art and stronger for having walked and biked to see them.

I love.
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