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zobel and setting.


The sun sets right at 6.30pm and though there is never anyone up here with me, the buildings are present, their faces ablaze with the burn of the sunset. A strange view. Open industrial mouth with mountains for lips. I never put my house keys in the same place and I procrastinate with grocery shopping. I procrastinate with a lot of things, like mailing letters and writing them, because they seem so small in comparison with things like flaming tongues of sun-fire.

I bought stamps on the way home. Got stuck behind a girl and her father who were choosing some 20-odd lollipops, Coca-cola, strawberries and cream, and who were reminding me that small really is big, huge, gigantic. In the eyes of the beholder. And so a small thing like procrastination and mailing two postcards in February instead of in December turned something forgotten into something lividly present. I noticed her postcards were written in english and she noticed I needed stamps for the States. Another replaced New Yorker and her Californian son attended the school I now teach in. Wandering down Bravo Murillo, her so called "stomping grounds", L and I talked about marriage and learning from heartache and misplacement and teaching. Her makeup and jacket/sweater combo reminded me of a jacket that I had bought at Savers in La Mirada (or is it another town?) for some 80's themed get-together. She and I sat down, waited for her friend and when she arrived, L grabbed my arms, kissed my cheeks and blessed my journey. Enjoy it, these are good and ripe moments. Enough procrastinating said I, the blessed one, and so I bought groceries and came home. Sunset. Things go down and others come up behind you.
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