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thoughts about Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí.

Compositional opposites; hard to believe they were influenced by many of the same factors, at the same time and in the same cities/countries. Their investigations of space; Miró explores space compositionally, a small form and a large form creates the visual idea of distancing.

Dalí explores space in a fracturing, realistic, dream dimension where a form never completely forgets it's origin. A body remains a body, however stretched it may be.

They are certainly both experimenting, repeatedly, and although Miró sculpted, wove, drew and assemblaged (if that can be a verb) he feels much more a painter than Dalí. Is that his commitment to the mark, the agressive ability of a brush to carve and scar a canvas? Dalí looked for flatness, even when creating illusionistic depth in painting. That separation is felt even in his installations; he has left the scene while Miró remains present.

"that is the difference between poetry and prose. Living as a poet means feeling that ecstasy every day of your life, every hour if possible. A poem flies out of the post like a spark...With one of two fewer words the poem would leap straight up into the sky." R. Bly from "Lorca & Jimenez"
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