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january 23, 2010.

"I had the incredible feeling yesterday while walking home that everything, the whole world, was in rhythm, on beat, on time and in step. The Truman Show. She walked by me right as he turned the corner and the older man closed his large windows right as the sun finished its pounding on the tiles. And I was right there in it, on the same track; we were heading towards the same great something."

Pursuing a Goal by Czeslaw Milosz:
In order to accomplish something, one must dedicate oneself to it totally, so much that our fellow men cannot even imagine such an exclusivity. And that does not mean at all the amount of time consumed. There are also the innumerable emotional subterfuges practiced toward oneself, slow transformations of personality, as if one supreme goal, beyond one's will and knowledge, pulled in a single direction and organized destiny.

"Fill the loneliness of my broken spirit as the light fills this livingroom, help me to ache for the right things. Spirit occupy his body, cover his mind and heart. Be with us all, our Vision."
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