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no judging.

But I will be the first to admit that I turn my nose up at Etsy.com with it's artsy slouch and crafty walk. Full of so-called "trendy patterns" of bird silhouettes and lace the whole bit heavily redundant. And then I find myself in the middle of fall here in Madrid and longing for hand thrown pottery, the kind that weighs in your hand and that transfers the heat of your tea to your hand, and BAM!!! the world announces that a dear friend Erin Cartmell is selling her pottery...on Etsy.

Conclusion? I have decided to throw judgment to the wind alongside up-turned noses.

In other news. The current flow of internet (company:Orange) that I am utilizing to post this blog has been hard won and I am proud to announce that I have internet at my apartment! As I just wrote to my grandfather, small victories become big ones when performed in another language.

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