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the cove and mom's bread.

Green boat in the blood-turned Nile. I have just returned home from watching "The Cove", a recently released documentary focusing on the abolition of dolphin hunting and massacre in Taiji, Japan. Join me for a few moments while we sit here, cup of tea, blue skirt and my mother's raisin bread.

So, we have not lost our hunter/gather mentality. Our ability to lie, cheat and murder. Our love of the game, the desire to win and to feel higher than another power. Blood-lust. We love to yell, belittle and feel a part of something. It is painful and primitive to watch and yet somehow I feel numb. It feels so far and so false. I do not want to believe that we do such things for such trivial things, money, food, consumption and because of borders, languages, economies. My world shrinks in on itself.

And we could throw our arms up, declare that we will purge the sea of fish in the next few decades and then decide on alternative food sources but do we really want to make that declaration? And does asking "what does my life mean in all of that?" mean something? I think that a readiness does. A preparedness of self, of feet ready for flight and hands ready to work for this thing we occupy, this life giving source.

Lord I pray for sensitivity, for the weight of the world to be significant upon our shoulders and for a burden for this created environment.
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