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mixing colors.

“Muy lentamente, volvió la cabeza y miró a Shmuel, que ya no lloraba sino que tenía los ojos fijos en el suelo; parecía tratar de convencer su alma para que saliera de su cuerpecito, flotara hacia la puerta y se elevara por el cielo, deslizándose a través de las nubes hasta estar muy lejos de allí.”

a gisted translation: Very slowly, he turned his head and looked at Shmuel, who was not crying but who had his eyes fixed on the floor; he seemed to try to convince his spirit to leave his little body, to float towards the door and to carry itself for the sky, slipping through the clouds until it was far away from there.

(from El niño con el pijama de rayas, by John Boyne)

Si hubieras conocido a Juan, te habrías enamorado de él.- There is something strangely nostalgic and saddening in speaking of "could-have-beens." Is it wrong to look back and imagine what might have happened...if only...

Jimena and I are learning to combine two colors to make third, tertiary, colors. Madrid is COLD and I am thinking about...extra postage, poetry, New York, Paul Klee, RB Kitaj, arrows, layers, lines, opposites. Will post some more drawings soon....te lo prometo!

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