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la naturaleza.

I am drawing Californian flowers, plants and pods again. Don't know what that means quite yet other than that I am drawing them. They have an uncanny ability to intersect with literature.

"So there are no Mozart Requiems here, nor masterpieces by Velazquez, no mind-bending sexual encounters or life-confirming acts of friendships, no bloody curtains or puking withdrawals, no heartbreaks, gunshots, humiliations,or bodies hanging in the bedroom. This is just the ordinary stuff-the ongoing texture of the drift, where, it has always seemed to me, things must be okay, or the rest will certainly kill you; and if I have any real qualifications for the job that I have undertaken, it is that I have always been okay with everyday life and beguiled by the tininess of it-and beguiled as well by the tininess and intimacy of artistic endeavors and by the way these endeavors seem to proliferate." -from Air Guitar by Dave Hickey.
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