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a what? a name.

Names-signfiers, communicators, indicators. All words are names, a depiction of something, someone, some. Names tell who we are, are we our names? I have been chewing on this recently...

“The sound of your own name on somebody else’s lips. Shouted down from a window, called out from a crowd of faces, the power that your name has to make you turn, to make you hear, to make you answer, to make you be your name.” Buechner


"we must call all things by name
out of the silence again to be with us,
or die of namelessness.” Berry

Artists, mostly painters, who's names I have written down this last month: Luc Tuymans,Matthias Weiser,Daniel Richter,Francis Alys,John Currin,Terry Winters,Will Cotton,Rebecca Campbell,David Hillard (photo),Barry Schwabsky,Fred Tomaselli,Michael Borreman,Ed Weston,Patsy Krebs,Ben Weiner,Sol Lewitt,James Sienna,Amy Sillman,Chris Martin,Lari Poons,Jane Defo,Lari Pittman,Ross Bleckner,Peter Saltz (writer),Peter Plagens,Joan Mitchell,Rob Thomas,Ray Parker,Matthew Barney (video),Jennifer Steincamp,Bryce Marden,Bill Jensen,Louis Fishman,Melissa Meyer,Christopher Wool,Karen Davies,Monique Prieto,Wendy White,Joel Longnecker,Beth Cooper,Rob Nato.

Update:Nesbit,a group of 5 female artists including myself, will be posting new work on the 20th of this month for view and critique.

Speaking of names, I have climbed Tahquitz Peak twice now and still cannot pronounce it correctly.
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