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new title: the OBSERVING phase.

The previous, as of 30 seconds ago, title of this blog was "the WAITING phase" as a descriptor of the seemingly endless waitings that come with being in college. As of six weeks ago I graduated from that phase and though I believe fully that "our beginnings never know our ends" (Eliot) I think we graduate from impatient waiting to an observed waiting, an acceptance of the forward-movingness of the world. I do not wait so much as I breath, act and live.

I was recently challenged as to the need of a blog, especially one as simple as mine that takes no political stance and displays no sexy gossip. It is simple- I am selfish and like having a single page on which to see all of my random observations collected and publicly strewn forth. I am an artist and I observe, make connections and take note. My opinions are rarely forcefully and I like to point a lot in case there are others out there who think and take in the world as I do. Please point back, words function better when permitted to form conversations.

I am thinking of doing another painting like this one but all in greens...green walls, green shirt, windows that face green trees. He sent me a letter yesterday and I miss him and his 15 year old ways of being and thinking.

ever yours,
eleanor greer
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