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jonathan anderson:updated work and exhibition.

I received an email a while ago announcing a show of Jonathan Anderson's paintings at The 930 Art Center in Louisville, Kentucky (my mother's home town) of his Groundings series. The series bridges the gap between 2005 and the present and displays a broad spectrum of ideas, both in painting and in intellect.
I have always admired the earlier work in the grouping and now find myself floating, wondering where he is headed with this new work...work that seemingly lacks Grounding or that has broken from it's illustionistic costume and created a strange space in which to locate anything. To locate workmen, politicians-groundbreakers, the both of them-and scaffoldings, the grounds for another sort of body, not in the painting but on it. I think he is referencing A Wrinkle in Time more than anything, is asking some funky questions and I am interested.
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