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art21. We all know their PBS showings of artists such as Ann Hamilton, Raymond Pettibon and Tim Hawkinson. Professors use these DVD publications, each representing some collection of artists whose names make your mandible droop, to fill class time and make undergraduates work harder...always makes me look about the studio, insignificance.

This morning I happened across the art21|Blog which keeps a scrolling tab on all of the artists represented in their showings, writings by guest bloggers, exhibitions and additional publications. A good resource.

Speaking of feeling insignificant, Mark Bradford , a guest artist here at Painting's Edge, spoke to me over dinner about his experiences with PBS, with the Whitney, with collectors such as MoMA. When I told him I was 22 he laughed loud, as only 6'8" men can, and told me to get to living. OK. In the words of Barry Krammes, "GET TO WORK!"
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