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note: new stomping grounds.

I have just completed my third full day working as the gallery assistant at the Parks Exhibition Center for the Idyllwild Art Summer Program...quite a mouthful. The first of the summer's exhibitions is nearly completed, The Painting's Edge faculty, Hot Clay and Metals Week, and the Painting's Edge lectures kick off this coming Saturday with Patsy Krebs and Ben Weiner. Sunday through Tuesday, and my very soul, can barely contain lectures by Fred Tomaselli, Pat Steir and Beatriz Milhazes.

With this crash course on the Idyllwild Arts Program as well as in gallery functions I am benefiting from living with and breathing the same air as all of the artists and musicians on staff/faculty here. On my mind are painters Joanne Greenbaum and Gillian Carnegie.

Another new ground on which to stomp or against which to press your ear is a recently created blog by painter Dan Callis.

"I stand and wait for light
To open the dark night.
I stand and wait for prayer
To come and find me here."
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