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on being from la mirada.

If we are known, in part, by where we are from, the place from which we originate and where we choose to spend our daily lives, then I am as confused as this gray California weather. La Mirada is a small suburb of Los Angeles, lumped on the outskirts of Anaheim and linked to such other small areas as Fullerton, Whittier and Norwalk. We are a city of semi-trucks, of commuters and small homes from the sixties. What La Mirada has gifted me is a strange fear of those large tankers, those behemoth mothers that haul food and cargo nationally and somehow end up here. In the center of this city is my university, a city unto itself. Little do those truckers know that, as they charge by, stuck in their endless national loop, we are growing, shifting and graduating.

A delightful plug for some happy abstractionistas (abstract painters):
Slip opens on May 10th at the Alegria Gallery on Sunset Blvd in Silverlake, CA. An interesting space, a non-profit sharing a space what sounds to be a medical ward for AIDS patients. Check it out as I will when I return from the city.
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