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rhythm and pattern.

"Someone once wrote of their desire to prop their eyes open with trees; only century old redwoods would keep my lids raised and blinking. When one is this tired, it feels a chore to take notice of the world around. And so, sitting behind the wheel, car lights pass into nothingness, a blur until suddenly, the world clicks into gear. Initiated by Snow Patrol coming in on the radio in syncopation with the beat of the blinker of the SUV in the far lane, the world begins to chant. I could not tear my eyes from the yellow beat as I have for years been frustrated with the inconsistency and ignorance of car blinkers…should they not be programmed to take on the beat and swing of their surroundings?"

Speaking of the world's swing, Old Navy is back into patterns and colors! Such an exciting day to be moving back out of the gray days of neutrality...happy shoes.
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