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According to a contemporary journalist, a family partner of a large newspaper, being interviewed on KPBS this morning, Blogging is slowing pushing out the older method of printed news in favor of the rapid fire digital. In stating this, he added that Bloggers are going to need to "become more professional" in their postings. Thus, I have turned over a new leaf and this Blog will be one of naturalist writing, daily discovery and research.

greataupair.com A well organized site that allows both families and their potential au pair's or nannies to create an account and to search for one another. I was able to create an account, selecting which countries I would be interested in, which sort of a family based off of my particular lifestyle etc. Many of these families are looking for a foreigner, someone who might be able to help themselves and their childern learn a particular language as well as someone interested in learning a new language themselves. All things considered, this is a fantastic opportunity for recently graduated college students who are looking to travel and who are good with people.
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