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to Barry:

Weeks ago a dear professor had us write a list, an inventory, of "things" that make up our creativity...a highly abstract assignment. I just came across my own.

1. Hiliary Hahn’s playing of Bach’s Partitas for Solo Violin.
2. Tubes of cadmium red oil.
3. Pride and Prejudice, the 8 hour version with Colin Firth.
4. Tuckahoe, NY.
5. Maps, especially of early American trade routes.
6. Singing. I secretly enjoy having songs stuck in my head.
7. Catcher in the Rye , Holden Caulfield and an occasional well placed curse word.
8. Seeing Laurel Wilson speechless and Jamie Uretsky angry over something beautiful.
9. Stringed instruments. Hearing my father practice cello.
10. Seeing the dance troop perform on the Orange Country Performing Arts Center wall.
11. Being able to keep a blog, an ongoing, constantly published writing for though I do not formally write, it is good to do so.
12. The ability to sit with an empty mind and watch the road go by. This is also the ability that gets me lost quite often.
13. Ice cream and coffee.
14. An early, gray and chilly morning whether in the city or country.
15. The way oil paint paints.
16. Southern CA sunlight and the way it colors the hills and homes of Point Loma.
17. Richard Serra’s “Torqued Ellipse” pieces.
18. The inability to focus one’s eyes on the moving peripheral when driving/riding a train.
19. Annie Dillard. She writes the way that painters see.
20. Joni Mitchell.
21. That the globe is round and that James Turrell can both realize and defy it.
22. Listening to music when entering/leaving a special place and the way that song is forever connected with that location.
23. A good museum. The Norton Simon is my happy place and the San Francisco MoMA is a new favorite.
24. Exploring amazon.com, receiving the ordered book in the mail from somewhere across the U.S. and writing my name in the jacket cover.
25. David Park’s Four Men and turning a corner to find it at the Whitney Museum.
26. The ever-changing American landscape. Man continues to rearrange it, to line, cover and define it in some strange sort of massive and unrealized collaborative performance. I continue to hold a banner up in support of creation’s victory over man.
27. Starbuck’s pumpkin scones as a signifier of the beginning of the fall season and one of the few ways a Southern Californian can experience it.
28. The horn solo from the fourth movement of Jean Sibelius’ fifth symphony.
29. Being alone, especially watching a movie, going for a walk, attending a concert; to perform a event meant for two, as a solo.
30. Artists who believe that everything has intention and meaning.
31. Chaim Potok’s My Name is Asher Lev. I have become so attached to the character that he almost feels to be my own.
32. Learning Spanish and learning more of the English language while doing so.
33. Being able to read the Bible in Spanish, it’s visual-ness changes.
34. My old bed fellow, a yarn-doll named Heidi.
35. Leaving the city and realizing that stars, in fact, do exist in mass quantity.
36. Entering back into the city after a time away.
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