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el circo nacional de mexico.


Of course. A poodle should sit a top a revolving disco ball, a dwarf pony should prance in circles and be called MiniMo, over-the-hill caberet dancers should still dance, Winnie Pooh should lose his head and Kiwi the clown should lose his hair. Of course!

It seems a dream, 70 university students and professors attending a circus. And speaking of dreams, I had some strange ones while trying to sleep afterwards...but how does one speak of something that was, simply, so perfect? Family run, low end, communal performance. Poodles on a DISCO BALL! Talk about transendence, the entire event was a commentary on humanity; the heaviness of living, the momentary escape, the gravity of the juggler's boxes and the $10 light sabers. Riding a motorcycle, circularly and 5 feet in front of the fellow behind you, stretching out your hand in the middle to keep the distance and catching the other rider when he comes down to a full stop. The Globe of Death. Do we not live on a Globe of Death? Are not our lives spent in search for meaning above that heaviness, for transcendence?

My head feels fuzzy and perhaps I have caught Jenny's cold. Of course.
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