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the air conditioner was broken.

What were we to do? Work needed to be done, Los Angeles decided to be 102 degrees and the air conditioner was conditioning with hot air. I am here to proclaim that while the image of the artist, starving, in his small, hot studio, sweating out paintings may be a romantic one...it is, in actuality, not! Yes, I wish I could say that the past few days were just an experiment of this ideal...this is not the case.

Jon has been pushing me to work meditatively and I really struggling. My mind races a mile a minute, constantly distracted and I really do not enjoy slow, tight, methodical drawing. The capacity to concentrate does exist in me, for in all other areas of my studies I am able to locate it. What is it about art-making? It may be that this struggle does not fade with age, perhaps there is evidence of this even in Rembrandt's work with the loosening of his brush, but he also evidences that need to just work, work, work.
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