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more artsy fartsy.

She cried last night in speaking about this disconnect. This disconnect between man and God, a gap that while evident to some is invisible to others. With this seperation comes the division between man and man, racism, religious preferences and biases, war, hatred, social divisions, the idea that we can hold one in judgement against the other.

And she is right, the "art world" is a smart cookie, a powerful, forward moving engine fueled by intellect and the constant defiance of normalities; a tough enemy to have. Why do we feel that it is us against it? This is no wrestling match. To be a human being is to be an intellegent creature, capable of creative thought and ambitious dreams and we are created to be in relation and to therefore share those thoughts and dreams-then, to be an artist is to our advantage?

Thoughts I am wrestling with: Why DO I paint? Why art and not another means of communication? Towards what greater purpose is the Lord leading me? What is art? Why is dark dependent upon light? How can we put answers to anything when our culture is telling us there are no absolute answers? What are memories? and why do we have them? Why is paint so stinking beautiful?
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