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the future.

"Live water heals memories. I look up the creek and here it comes, the future, being borne aloft as on a winding succession of laden trays. You may wake and look from the window and breathe the real air, and say, with satisfaction or with longing, 'This is it.' But if you look up the creek, if you look up the creek in any weather, your spirit fills, and you are saying, with an exulting rise of the lungs, 'Here it comes!'" -A. Dillard

Here it comes...though what "it" is, I cannot say or know. Tomorrow morning will see the packed minivan heading up the California coast towards Los Angeles and towards my last year as an undergraduate. Right now I am seated on the top step, typing quietly with the lights buzzing on dim as my entire family lies about me in their bedrooms, sleeping.

Remember those night, those sleepless nights before family vacations, before moving across country, before Christmas morning when you simply could not fall asleep? Well this is the first day of kindergarten and here am I, at the top of the stairs, cradling my favorite book. Lord, help me to have faith and patience.
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