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the street where i live.


My apartment is located on the south-east corner where West 91st Street meets Broadway. 91st street can take you a few blocks west to Riverside Park or 3 blocks east and into Central Park right around the Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir and the Great Lawn. When traveling by subway you will get on at the 96th Street station by using the 93rd Street entrance. There still remains a ghost station of 91st, which was closed down some years ago, still visible when traveling beneath ground. As you walk down 91st Street, you encounter many different folk. There are a lot of dog owners, older men who sit out on their steps or play dominoes on the corner, school children, the air conditioning men, doormen stepping out for some air, runners and walkers, tourists and me.

This building has a small rooftop garden with a view of the Hudson River and as the sun sets over it, the buildings of New York turn all sorts of lovely shades. So fundamental to this being the east coast is the fact that the sun rises. Oh the sun is currently lighting up the room I am sitting in and it is breathing...in and out and back in again, like the light on my Powerbook or something a bit more romantic. I am still coming to conclusions about the difference between the summer light of the west coast versus that of the east coast. It is quite different and I find my vocabulary insufficient to put any sort of substance to it. I love the light in Manhattan.
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