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off to the left.


I have not been writing here all that I have been thinking. To do so would be near impossible, but why restrain myself in writing at all? Is there fear in uttering words, in pushing that powerful "publish post" button, that grounds whatever daydream or thought that was previously floating somewhere off to the left? I am tired of these liberal thoughts of mine. If they are mine, should I not have control over them? They are not obeying the rules, stinking leftys.

Joe Fox told Kathleen Kelly that he could never be with someone who liked Joni Mitchell. That is a crock and Joni is a gem.

Being in a city does prevent one from seeing the natural elements as would be normative in say, the country-side. One thing that the city has over the country however, are all these buildings that provide for some of the most beautiful light play as I have ever witnessed. Across the street and slightly west is a building whose side is fairly illuminated each evening. As the sun sets directly down the street, its rays bounce off another building and onto this one, creating these hieroglyphic forms. The shapes remain for near a hour, shifting as the sun retreats.
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