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the mother flippin.

"The mother flippin" is a term that I picked up two nights ago at a friend's, while watching a new sitcom/comedy by two New Zealanders, and that I have decided to start using it on a regular basis.

The Cristo's would love New York right now...there are large structures wrapped in fabric! though not particularly for beautification. (their work in Central Park..I wish I had been there..) I found this particular site to be rather unattractive, however poignant...oh American commercialism.

Speaking of mindless things, I am wearying of being called "Curly" and of having my hand groped at on the street. I simply do not understand the ideas that exist in men's minds of women that regardless of anything else, I am a sexual object. In saying thus I am only speaking to a select group of men, as I have been blessed to know so many of the opposite mind set. Currently I am reading through Daniel Defoe's "Moll Flanders" which, though written by a man and in the 1700's, is suprisingly egalitarian in its narration. Defoe mentions the American constitution at one point, stating that if the reader is indeed familiar with it, they will understand that under her husband the main character, the aleged Moll Flanders, has no rights. So, things have changed...haven't they? Did we not ratify the Constitution in the 1920's and do I not have the right to turn and look at those men in the eyes without fearing that they are bigger than I and simply do not care?

In other news: I watched you've Got Mail again yesterday and concluded the viewing with a trip to Cafe Lalo. To be sure, the waitress' there must be tired of seeing girls with books coming for coffee or tea and gazing around to pick out exactly which table Meg Ryan must have sat at in the film. I must admit to being "one of those girls." I have also decided to do something new every day, and today I paid a visit to The Cupcake Cafe, a precious place that makes, of all things, cupcakes! For about an hour I sat on a little indoor bench, ate of my cupcake with a fork, read my book and thought about well, no one needs to know what I was thinking about ;)

Stayed tuned for more adventures...I travel up north tomorrow morning!
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