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frog, ribbit, hop...Hopper.


Yesterday I climbed aboard a bus with my dear friend Audrey, paid $8.20 and headed to Nyack, New York. The drive was so pleasant and, Audrey being two years my younger and perhaps above my head in intellect, full of active conversation. Once in the small town of Nyack we were met by Pam, another student, like Audrey, of Nyack College. Upon hearing that I was an art student, she took us to the Hopper House...yes, the birthplace and boyhood home of Edward Hopper. I spent my time wandering the house, which is now a gallery space and full of some hideous digital art display, thinking of Asher Lev and sunlight.

Of note: East Coast light versus West Coast light....ones eyes are never bored. Was it Annie Dillard who spoke of the visible spectrum and these weepy peep-hole eyes of ours?

I love American, specifically New York Art School/Ash Can, figurative painters...wow.
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