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public spooning.


I stood with my bag smushed against the butt of the young man in front of me, my arm awkwardly wrapped around the man to my right...all of us avoiding looking at one another, while I smothered my unavoidable laughter. Where else in the world will people cram so tightly, and quite intimately, into a moving, mechanical body and simply get off to go their separate ways?

It seems as though talk of public/private spaces is hot back at school, and I have always been interested in the subject. The freeway, the sidewalk, restaurants, the classroom, concert venues...the subway reigns over them all! A place where to socialize could be dangerous, or to say the least, weird. I cannot imagine waking up to take the subway to work and having to face that awkward situation at 8:30 in the morning. But to think, publicly spooning with multiple strangers has become the norm for the majority of New York commuters.

My advice to all of you newcomers, like myself, out there: Choose where you stand wisely, hang onto your purse/bag/wallet, bring hand-wipes.
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