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note #1: do not dress up to go to church.


Especially when the people you go to church with are adventurers! Chris Anderson has entered my life, or rather I have entered hers, and things shall never be the same. After church this morning, Chris, Lonnie, Jeremy and I walked to Madison Sqaure Park where there was a BBQ festival going on. It is amazing to be in such a large city and yet there are these small, communal oasis'...I heard a man yesterday speaking of Bryant Park as a place where one "can forget you're in the city for a moment."

Bonnie joined and we all ate ribs, wandered by way of foot and bus to Central Park and rowed around in a boat for awhile, then had drinks in a little cafe along the lake. At that point it was nearly 6:00pm and we thus headed back to church for the evening service. The others went to see Pirates 3...I headed home out of exhuastion and a sore foot.

There is so much else on my mind, but I am afraid I cannot get much more out at the moment. Apparently Tim Hawkinson has an exhibit up here, which is exciting, and I am going to compile a list of graduate schools that I am interested in. Bonnie also talked a bit about the idea of writing/making an autobiography of her life in its current stage...is that what this blog is? I am currently documenting my habits. More on that later, time for happy sleep.
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