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Mi hermano mayor.

My brother. What was he thinking? First impressions are common knowledge. Surely he would have known that showing up with two slightly tipsy girls to pick me up for the first time in three months would make me slightly question a few things. All of a sudden he is trying to be "brotherly" but there are too many memories, bad, strange, unfinished for that. I remain confused and too tired to try right now.

I feel like Holden Caulfield..a hunting cap, pack of cigarettes and a sister named Phoebe are all I need. How I dislike these moods, and why does life not just make sense for once? Family is the one thing in life that should make sense, the place and the people to where and whom one runs when everything else just does not line up. It is a sad day when 34 people dying in a tsunami does not shock the emotions. What if I glue myself to this couch until I die of boredom? At least I could avoid all of the fixing that needs to go on between my brother and I. I just don't know where to begin and avoidance is not an option.

the waiting phase.
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