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The House on Mango Street and my friend James.

I am taking a break from the world of academics and textbooks to read Sandra Cisneros' libro "The House on Mango Street." Meme's gray dog with the two names, one in English and one in Spanish, would never have been known to me save in reading this book. La protagonista, Esperanza, describes the world around her in such a beautiful, eyes-open way. Do we lose our ability to observe and imagine as we grow, mature and learn? I sometimes feel that way.

My friend James is a character in my life's book and one of the only characters over whom I have full reign...for James is a person whom I have never really met. For me it is, at times, nice to not have the pressure of knowing and being known for with the absence of knowledge comes an absence of responsibility. Or so it seems. But can there be a greater responsibility than being known and knowing? Are we not called to love our God with all that we are (heart, soul, mind and strength) and to love others? If to know is to love, for indeed one must know a thing in order to truly love it, then we cannot shirk the responsibilities of "knowing". Imagining is such a beautiful idea.
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