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Excitment over the big manzana

She is still down in Florida taking care of her parents as she has been for the past few weeks. Our summer dates are almost in place, we will have another conversation tomorrow afternoon to get them set, and then I will buy my last plane ticket. Do you know about those daydreams? The ones in which you find yourself in a small Spanish seaside town, sketching in a small cafe, somewhere where no one around speaks your language, elsewhere? Well I have fond memories of those daydreams, I even have favorite ones!

New York is a place full of old memories for me as I have not been back there for some 10 years now, and so it is easy to understand my antsy mood. I will be there for a full two months, coming back to California for a friends wedding somewhere in the middle. This feels like a sort of mid-term, a phase inbetween this here frantic college life and the "who knows what" of after graduation. Here I come Manhattan.
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