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If my life gains interest...he caught me on that comment. I, the one who was so attracted to Rilke's ideas of finding poetry in the mundane, have now been caught up in the mundane. Time to fight it off once more. Come on Eleanor!
I was just driving, and listening to some exquisite music, music that did not seem to fit the chaotic "I have to find the perfect gift by sundown!" atmosphere by which I was surrounded. It's funny how little people will fight over this time of year. Places in line, the right color of Christmas tree lights, a misunderstood gift, a fruitcake. How much of our lives are wasted on worrying that our point will not be carried across and understood? Half the day can be spent in argument, simply to assure that yes ma'am, you DO have a voice and I can hear it perfectly. Goodness, there are so many beautiful and important things in the world...why do I feel as though I am on the verge of being swallowed up by everything else?
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