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clarification for the sake of clarity

This past hour has been spent in my exploring this blog deal a bit more thoroughly, and "the WAITING phase" seems so much more appropriate now than it did last night. Very much the college student, most of my time is spent wondering about and striving towards the future. But who knows what it is that I, the college student, am heading towards?...thus, I wait.
Hopefully this new blog page of mine will morph in a few years, expanding to include my studies in Spain, my paintings and readings. But for now this page will hold thoughts. The thoughts of a girl who cannot write to save her life, but who loves to read others writings and will therefore try. The thoughts of a girl who has a lot of thoughts, and who is exploring this space called the internet as a possible place to store or at least begin to unwrap them. The thoughts of waiting, painful, enjoyable, lonesome and adventurous waiting.
These wandering blurbs of ideas are now solidified into some tangible state..."I propose to keep here what Thoreau called 'a meteorological journal of the mind,' telling some tales and describing some of the sights of this rather tamed valley, and exploring, in fear and trembling, some of the unmapped dim reaches and unholy fastnesses to which those tales and sights so dizzingly lead." (A. Dillard)
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